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Want to make your presentations more engaging? Or keep your e-learning students attention? Or perhaps you would like to have an amazing training video or send someone a thank you, good luck or birthday wish, with a personalised doodle video? However you want to get your viewers attention, a Doodle Video is a fun way, to get your story or message across.

What else does TopOrange do?



A diversity of subjects from living abroad, daily life, information for Dutch emigrants and political articles.


Initiator of the online community – Nederlanders in het buitenland,  Dutch living abroad, with almost 19.000 members worldwide.


Established the NGO – Grenzeloos Onder Een Dak, to protect and improve the rights and services for Dutch living abroad.


Conducting research, like the Dutch Passport process abroad,  Dutch Nationality law, the effects of Brexit etc.

The Web

Building and maintaining websites and social media channels, mainly for non-profit organisations.

Press and media

Appeared in newspaper and magazine articles, radio interviews.

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Written Articles

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