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Create your own website

Instead of paying a web designer, you can always try and design a website yourself. There are many online instant web design builders with easy to use and nice looking templates. They are user friendly and you can probably get a website up and running in a couple of days, no technical knowledge required, and no coding necessary. However there are also disadvantages, using an online web site builder.

You might find yourself restricted with what you can do with your website (from both a design and a functionality perspective). Now, of course it’s possible that some site builders provide you with facilities to modify every aspect of your web pages. To do that, you will probably have to spend time learning the interface and working with it (or even around it) to accomplish your task. Often you have to upgrade to a “Premium” account or template to add certain functionality.

If you think the web hosting provider is expensive or unreliable or for any other reason and you decide to change to a different hosting, there is a good chance you cannot transfer your website and you’re locked in to their hosting. Meaning you will need to rebuild your website from scratch.

Besides changing a logo, some colors and images, the templates will have hardly any flexibility to change the look and feel.

To summarize: online instant website builders are easy, quick and cheaper than hiring a web designer, however you will have less flexibility, less control and are likely tied up in a hosting contract.


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