Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take for a website to be completed?
This is a difficult question to answer, in general we can create a website within 1 week. However each website has different requirements and features and therefore projects are reviewed on an individual basis. After the initial consultation we can better determine the length of time needed.
I have no idea where to start, can you guide us through the process?

Yes, we can give you directions in all aspects of the website. From choosing a domain name, to hosting your site, structuring your site, content for your pages, we will determine your requirements and make suggestions and give advice for you to consider.


Do I need to buy a domain name and hosting?

Domain Name (URL) Registration — This is the address people will use to access your Web site ( Once you have determined that the URL you wish to use is available, the cost to register a domain name can be as cheap as £1.99 per year. A domain name needs to be renewed every year. Registering your name for several years is also cost efficient. Choose a name that is memorable and short. Avoid using words that are easily misspelled.

Hosting Your Web Site on a Web Server — This is basically where you rent space on a server that is always connected to the Internet. Price will vary, depending on the amount of disk space,the connection, the tools included etc. Cost for a basic hosting package will be around £6.00-£10.00 per month. Most web hosting providers will have a combined rate for domain registration and hosting.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, we can register your domain name, host and maintain the site for you, as an all-in-one package. No headaches no worries.


Why using TopOrange when I can buy a template myself?
You need to have sufficient knowledge and expertise of CSS, HTML, SQL, PHP and Java script to be able to customize the template to your own desires and wishes and make it unique for your company. You will also need the relevant software for Graphic Design, Image editing and HTML/CSS code editing. Avoid the headaches, wasted time and energy and let an experienced person create your website for you.
I have bought a template, but are stuck, what can I do?
TopOrange can help you customize the template to your wishes and help you uploading it to your server.
Will we need to have a meeting in connection with the website design?
If you live in or near Bath, then a meeting is an advantage in order to establish the primary goals and objectives. However, if this is not possible a design can be completed with contact via email, telephone and internet. We present a suggested website design on Internet in a secure and personal environment where only you can view the content. We then liaise with you regularly to discuss the web design in order that the design and functionality is exactly how you wish.
I already have a website, but want to change it or add an extra option to it.
TopOrange can, in most cases, add extra functionality to your website or if desired improve, change your existing website.
How can I update my website?

TopOrange Web Design can maintain your website for you. If your website will be changing and evolving on a regular basis, we have a monthly maintenance package or if you have only a few changes periodically we can offer a fee per year. We also have an all-in-one package, which includes domain name registration, hosting and maintenance.

Depending on the web hosting company and the complexity and nature of the website, we can also integrate a CMS system, to modify content yourself with an easy WYSIWYG interface.