What we do


TopOrange strives to deliver clean, professional and user friendly responsive designs. Which are fast loading and search engine friendly, for an affordable price.

Dedicated to non-profit organisations, online communities and the small business owner, we will help you decide what type of site best suites you. Whether it is your first website project, a re-design or adding extra functionality to your existing website.

Redesign, revamp or extra features

If you have an existing site but feel that it would benefit from a redesign, we can make recommendations for improvements and can perform a thorough site evaluation. We will make your website feel contemporary and new again, attracting more people and improve your online reputation.

Are you satisfied with the design of your website but simply need some updates to the content or extra features? TopOrange can help and advise you on this as well.

New design

If you don’t have a web presence yet or you simply want to replace your existing website, then we can create a new professional design for you. TopOrange strives to design a website where your information will be easily accessible to all visitors regardless the device they are using with a helpful navigation system and a consistent clean layout from page to page. An attractive look and feel which will bring plenty of new visitors, and even better, new customers.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between a WordPress site or a HTML/CSS coded website.

TopOrange uses WordPress themes and CSS/HTML frameworks, developed by web coding professionals, as a foundation for each web project. As a result we save time and can offer our web services at an affordable price. An abundance of extra options and features can easily be integrated and the site can be hosted on a web hosting company of your own choice.

Google products

Adsense, Adwords, Analytics….

Social Media

We can setup your social media accounts, like Facebook and Twitter, and support and advise how best to use them for your organisation. Nowadays you can’t do without them anymore.

On line research, surveys and reporting

We can conduct online surveys with detailed reporting for your organisation

Back Office Activities for online communities, non-profit and small business

  • Newsletters with your branding
  • E-mail marketing
  • Graphic design for your projects or website
  • Website maintenance
  • Setup Social Media channels
  • General Administration and archiving