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Whiteboard / doodle / animation video

Want to make your presentation more engaging? Or keep your e-learning students attention? Or perhaps you would like to create a tutorial video or send someone a personalised thank you, good luck or birthday video wish? 

Whiteboard videos are so effective because the strokes stimulate the viewer anticipation. The viewer’s mind is inflicted to anticipate what the scribes transform into. And when the drawing finally comes to life, the brain experiences a surprise. That is why people are hooked until the end of the video.

 Therefor you’ll get your audience attention in a fun and effective way.


Viewers tend to retain the information they see in whiteboard videos longer than presentations in other media. With an animated video, you can communicate abstract or confusing subjects very easily

Training / E-learning

The perfect way, an attention-grabbing animated training video, is a very effective way of getting your message across to the viewers in a fun manner.


Promoting your products and services while highlighting the main features and their benefits have been made easier by using an explainer video.

Personal message

Send a video with a personal message; birthday wish, good luck, stay strong, get well soon or an invitation. Similar to an E-card, but with a lot more possibilities and personal touches.

Any other project

Big or small businesses in any industry, from Finance, Health, Education to Real Estate or a personal project, everything is possible.



 Personalised and animated 

Greeting Card

For just 10.00 Euros!  

Ask for a free quote

Every project is different, that’s why we first need to determine, what your requirements are.

The price will depend on the script, number of images, use of a logo, voice over, music and any other requirements. 

Languages: Dutch, English, French

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