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Where does the name TopOrange come from and what is it all about

‘TopOrange’ comes from the Dutch word ‘Top‘ (meaning excellent) and the colour ‘Orange’ can be traced back to the very roots of the NetherlandsOrange is the colour of the Dutch royal family. The lineage of the current dynasty—the House of Orange-Nassau— which dates back to Willem van Oranje (William of Orange).  In other words the colour Orange is strongly connected with The Netherlands.
TopOrange, initially started as a freelance webdesign business for small business owners, managed by Antoniëtta Sgherzi. Born and raised in The Netherlands, but living abroad for the last 25 years. During her time in Canada, she realised most of her webdesign projects. Due to starting up other businesses and activities, webdesign was reduced to mainly personal websites and maintaining websites for individuals and non-profit organisations. Occasionally, on request, a new webdesign or redesign job will be accepted.
At present TopOrange maintains the NIHB and GOED websites, online communities for Dutch living abroad and voluntarily manages the back office of the GOED foundation. Other services TopOrange offers: writing articles, research, surveys and reports, animation video’s and general IT and Back Office support.

Skills and expertise

While living in The Netherlands Antoniëtta worked for companies like IBM, Esso, Shell, Digital/Philips and CMG in administration, IT support and as an IT Test consultant. Thereafter she has lived a long time in France, emigrated to Canada and is now living in England. During her time abroad she and her partner owned and managed businesses in Tourism and the Entertainment Industry, simultaneously in this period she started TopOrange and worked as a freelance web-designer.

Experience/Skills: Startups, front and back office administration, MS Office, HTML/CSS/SQL, WordPress, Graphic Design and Social Media.

Languages: English, French and Dutch

TopOrange can help you with your research projects, surveys, web projects and articles on living abroad.

  • Web Services
  • Surveys
  • Writing
  • Online communities

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